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RRD Barracuda 5’8” x 18 3/4” x 2 1/8” LTE (2021) Y26
24 litres
Includes X3 thruster set fins.

Designed, tested, and developed by Ralf Bachschuster, one of the most influential and radical kiteboarders in the South African kite scene, these phenomenal sticks are very fast, securely grip the water, and deliver an abundance of hold in the most extreme conditions. The Y26 version of this power house it’s a well rounded ”does it all” high-end performance board. Easy to ride and comfortable both in light or strong winds. Developed in Cape Town, the Barracudas are not only fast boards that were born to handle full power but can now be revered as the one and only board you need in your quiver!


  • Slightly wider outline towards the nose with a pintail winger tail to increase control and comfort while allowing great turning potential with plenty grip.
  • Full mono-concave hull with heaps of rocker on the tail. Planing fast and holding control on choppy waters.
  • Thicker volume mid section in between your feet to allow floatation and keeping momentum at lower speed.
  • Thin rail profile on nose and tail to allow the best grip at high speed and lower the volume to keep the weight down.


If you’re looking for the best possible traction and control when surfing, your choice will be a pin tail. This type of tail has the narrowest width of all your basic surfboard tail shapes. Because the tail’s surface area is small, this allows the tail of the board to grab hold of the water, and maintain direction by tracking.
The pin tail shape is like an arrowhead, with two curved lines coming to a point. This design will give you good water flow over the tail of the board, allowing the tail to hold better, and avoiding any abrupt release that could knock you off your board.



LTE   5'8" X 18 3/4" X 2 1/8"   24 Litres