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This is the all-new Monk Glitch. For 8 years we’ve tweaked and tuned a proven design but for 2020 we’ve taken a huge step forward to bring you a board we believe will redefine the shape of freeride performance to come. Our goal? To maintain the characteristics the Monk has become famous for –unbelievable chop handling, amazing carvingand anoutstandingly comfy ride –and add even more grip, rip and slash to the mix.

Normal channels create drag by redirecting the water traveling across the board but on the Glitch we’ve maximised the efficiency by encouraging the flow through the critical areas rather than forcibly redirecting it all the while paying close attention to the dynamic flex profile ensuring that the comfort and control elements are not sacrificed.

How does it compare to the Monks that came before? More grip, more drive and more POP yet softer landings, same comfort and same chop handling.

Outstanding through all varieties of conditions -the Monk Glitch, how much more fun can you have?




131 X 40

133 X 41

135 X 42

137 X 44


Unparalleled Freeride Performance

Insane Chop Handling and ease of use

Improved grip and efficiency


Full Paulownia Wood Core

Light Weight and Defined FlexShape

Multi Ridge and Concave Base Design

Fan Tail Exhaust Tips

Central Radius Outline with Direct Drive Tips


BITE Hi-performance Fins

Sneaker 6 or Sneaker HMT (optional)